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Campaign and accompanying training program for a safer nightlife

nachtsam. For a safer nightlife is a campaign supported by the Ministry for Society, Health and Integration. It is targeted towards all nightlife stakeholders nationwide, e.g. operators of clubs, bars, discotheques and organizers of occasional events such as wine festivals and trade fairs, along with their employees, including club parties as well as anyone who wants to enjoy nightlife with awareness. Through training, participants gain more confidence in dealing with difficult situations. They are thus supported in their work and can devote themselves to their guests for a safer nightlife. The campaign is based on a partnership with 14 counseling centers against sexual violence in Baden-Württemberg. Participation is free of charge for all operators who are listed here as trained and dedicated to be(a)ware.

  • 100 % be(a)ware nightlife employees:protective and protected.
  • Positive partying for all by raising awareness about sexual harassment and assault.
  • Publicizing the nationwide services and structures that can help victims.

Every organizer / club operator can participate. Free of charge. Anyone who registers will be trained and listed on the overview map of Baden-Württemberg, assigned to the respective cities.

Sign up and then…

  • … we will talk with you about your needs and concerns. We focus on where you need to act and where you need support.
  • … you will receive the access code for thelog-in area. Here you can download the training videos and the guidelines.
  • … all employees can watch the digital video training individually or as a team, or we can train you personally on site or via video.
  • … as a trained establishment, you will receive campaign posters that you can hang up. They are the public training certificates. You will also receive stickers, e.g. for toilets.
  • … every trained employee can get a personal certificate.

The coordination office is available for all nightlife safety-related questions.

The campaign is financed by the Ministry for Society, Health and Integration and costs event hosts / operators nothing other than the time invested to get trained.

We train to give establishments / organizers more confidence to support fair & safe partying. Nightlife employees are prepared for critical situations, thereby gaining confidence about how to act while enyjoing the additional support of their colleagues and management. How to handle situations involving sexualize violence is broken down into parts and a victim-focused attitude is provided for

  • ituations involving sexual violence
  • ways in which to handle victims, what to say and do and what not to
  • information about further assistance and programs

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Be(a)ware only works when we work together:

With counseling centers. They are the key contacts in the various cities and districts of Baden-Württemberg for people affected and threatened by nightlife-related sexual assault. At LADS – Antidiskriminierungsstelle des Landes Baden-Württemberg (Anti-discrimination Office for the State of Baden Württemberg) you can find the correct key contacts for any form of discrimination.

With the State. The campaign is backed by the Ministry for Society, Health and Integration.

With urban and rural districts. The municipalities are networked regionally.

With club consortia, night managers, with nightlife-related stakeholders.

The coordination office bundles knowledge about nightlife safety in cooperation with counseling centers against violence in Baden-Württemberg.

It coordinates the state-wide campaign work and is the contact for all organizers and partners.

Be(a)ware counseling centers

Wildwasser Esslingen e.V.

0711 355 589
Merkelstraße 16, 73728 Esslingen

Frauen helfen Frauen Filder e.V.

0711 794 941 4
Nürtinger Straße 6, 70794 Filderstadt

Frauenhorizonte – gegen sexuelle Gewalt e.V.

0761 285 858 5
Basler Straße 8, 79100 Freiburg

Frauen helfen Frauen Friedrichshafen e.V.

07541 218 00
Scheffelstraße 54, 88045 Friedrichshafen

Frauennotruf gegen sexuelle Gewalt an Frauen und Mädchen e.V.

06221 183 643
Bergheimer Straße 135, 69115 Heidelberg

Wildwasser Karlsruhe

07218 591 73
Kaiserstraße 235, 76133 Karlsruhe

Frauen helfen Frauen in Not e.V.

07531 679 99
Austraße 89, 78464 Konstanz

Frauenberatungsstelle Lörrach e.V.

07621 871 05
Humboldtstraße 14, 79539 Lörrach

Frauen für Frauen e.V.

07141 220870
Abelstraße 11, 71634 Ludwigsburg

Notruf und Beratung für sexuell misshandelte Frauen und Mädchen e.V.

0621 100 33
O6 9, 68161 Mannheim

Frauen helfen Frauen Ortenau e.V.

0781 – 343 11
Ortenberger Str. 2, 77656 Offenburg

Frauen und Kinder in Not e.V.

0751 233 23
Römerstraße 4, 88214 Ravensburg

Wirbelwind e.V.

07121 – 28 49 27
Kaiserstraße 4, 72764 Reutlingen

Frauen helfen Frauen + AUSWEGE Rottweil e.V.

0741 413 14
Hohlengrabengasse 7, 78628 Rottweil

Fetz e.V.

0711 285 900 1 // 0711 285 900 2
Schlossstraße 98, 70176 Stuttgart

AGIT Frauen* Frauen helfen Frauen Tübingen e.V.

07071 791 110 0
Weberstraße 8, 72070 Tübingen

Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Frauenberatungsstelle Ulm

0731 619 906 // 0731 698 84
Olgastraße 143, 89073 Ulm

Frauenberatungsstelle Courage

07741 808 227 7
Hauptstraße 42b, 79787 Lauchringen

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